what can i do for you?

I solve creative problems.

Challenging problems. Huge problems, small problems, design problems, branding problems, editing problems, copy problems, graphics problems, social media problems, math problems, first-world problems and dance move problems. Any problem, really; the more challenging the better.

Because I love solutions.

Below are the things I love and do.

I love technology and I love art, so maybe you’ll see a gorgeous painting of a robot done by a robot. Who knows?




No Man Is An Island

It’s my blog, just thought this title sounded cooler.

“No. I’m sorry Mr. President, but I will not do that.”

Thank you for saying “No. I’m sorry, but I will not do that.” to being just another streaming service. Thank you for stepping outside of the comfort zone and taking a gamble. And most importantly, thank you for changing the way we think about and consume media, forever.

Intro to The Small Screen: Utopia

I am going to have to ask you to stop watching BuckWild. Stop watching Dance Moms. Stop anything with Charlie Sheen in it. Just stop. You’re better than that.